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NCAA 48 hour Rule!

NCAA_IceHockey_logoAt this time of the  year when the European pro training camps start, I always get questions like “Can I participate without compromising my NCAA Eligibility”? And the answer is, yes if you adhere to Article of the NCAA Manual, also called the “48-hour rule”! In North America this point always comes up with the CHL which is considered a professional League by the NCAA. College Hockey published a comprehensive article (link at the end) about this subject which pretty much pertains to the European players receiving invitations to camps from pro teams.

Here’s a brief description of the most important points to comply with the NCAA rules and maintain your NCAA eligibility: [continue reading…]

US Junior Hockey – Family Advisor

NCAA_IceHockey_logo  One of my first posts was titled “Family Advisor vs. Agents” (link at the end). In the past few weeks there have been quite a few articles published about this subject in which the darker side of it was mentioned too.  As in all professions, there are also some Family Advisors who are ethically challenged and shed a bad light on the profession.  [continue reading…]

Which is the best Tier III US Hockey League?

Tier III LogosThis is a question which is put forth all the time by players as well as parents. Simple question, simple answer. Not quite. If you ask a member of one of the leagues, the answer is obvious. The league which they represent is the best! In alphabetical order, the EHL Premier, NA3HL and USPHL Premier are considered the best, of the 11, Tier III leagues. Is one better than the other?  [continue reading…]

Junior Hockey Leagues USA vs. Switzerland

Screenshot 2014-10-27 22.32.52In previous posts I compared the different League structures between the US and Switzerland as well as the difference between Youth and Junior hockey. There is another fundamental difference between the two countries (or between Europe and Northamerica for that matter) and that is the financial set-up! [continue reading…]

DiCuria announces partnership with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)

bgjjgiciWe are excited to work with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)! This allows us to give coaches additional valuable information about our clients. [continue reading…]

USHL – Another path for Swiss Top Talents to consider!


Gianni Brandi Des Moines Buccaneers


USHL, the US top junior ice hockey league, is not well known in Switzerland or better said, is considered inferior to the CHL. This season there are eight Swiss Players playing in the CHL compared to one in the USHL. What makes it so that it is viewed this way? [continue reading…]