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¹Family Advisor

Swiss Hockey

Mission Statement
To help talented athletes select their best career paths by providing personalized services, with the highest degree of integrity, to achieve their goals

What do we do?

  • Assist Swiss Junior hockey players in pursuing their careers in North America, placing them in Junior teams with exposure to the NCAA
  • Assist parents and agents of players who select to play in the major Canadian Junior Hockey Leagues to get acquainted to the new environment by providing localized, personalized support


  • To put families at ease with their decision to help their young athletes pursue their careers, in a country with a foreign language and different culture

How do we service our clients?

  • Individually assisting the families in their career path selection and, once the player is placed in a team, follow-up on-site, visiting and spending time with them

What is our motivation?

  • A passion for hockey and the opportunity to help young Swiss players realize their dream to play professional hockey in North America
  • A belief that guiding the players in becoming comfortable in their new environment quickly, supporting them in their own language, overcoming the initial language barrier and understanding the new culture- is crucial to their success
¹A Family Advisor performs similar duties as an agent, but due to very strict NCAA regulations preventing a student-athlete from having an agent, the Family Advisor term is used so the student-athlete can keep his options open. A Family Advisor must be paid for his time and services and they are prohibited from being rewarded for securing a scholarship.