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NCAA Eligibility – Ice Hockey (International)

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NCAA regulations require all incoming student-athletes to meet a prescribed level of academic performance while maintaining their amateur status before entering college. The students who wish to compete at the Division I and II level must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center which looks at two main criteria: [continue reading…]

US Junior Hockey – Family Advisor

NCAA_IceHockey_logo  One of my first posts was titled “Family Advisor vs. Agents” (link at the end). In the past few weeks there have been quite a few articles published about this subject in which the darker side of it was mentioned too.  As in all professions, there are also some Family Advisors who are ethically challenged and shed a bad light on the profession.  [continue reading…]

DiCuria announces partnership with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)

bgjjgiciWe are excited to work with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)! This allows us to give coaches additional valuable information about our clients. [continue reading…]

NCAA – Amateur Status. Beware!

NCAA_IceHockey_logoWith the start of training camps in Europe, I’ve received an increased number of inquiries about the NCAA Amateur Status regulations. This is a minefield not only for European but also North American players (see blog post Amateurism Requirements).

Here’s a brief synopsis of the most important points to keep in mind to avoid jeopardizing your NCAA Amateur Status:

48 hours camp rule
Don’t stay longer than 48 hrs at a professional team camp if the organization is covering your expenses. After the initial 48 hrs, you may stay but have to pay for all incurred camp expenses.

Pro teams exhibition games
Don’t play any exhibition games with a pro team, in the case of Switzerland Nat. A or Nat. B. Of course this also applies to any other European or North American pro leagues including CHL.

Agent Contract
Don’t sign an Agreement with an Agent nor have a tacit, verbal understanding.

Don’t accept any monetary or material gifts, not even team jerseys, hats, T-Shirts.

If your goal is to play NCAA College Hockey it is imperative not to violate any of these rules. Too many players HAVE lost their NCAA Eligibility or had to accept long suspensions because of breaching the NCAA Amateurism Rules! More about this subject: DiCuria – FAQ Amateurism Certification and College Hockey NCAA Eligibility College Hockey Inc. – NCAA Eligibility

Prep Hockey a Path to the NCAA

Prep Game Lake Forest Academy

Prep Game Lake Forest Academy

There are many paths to college hockey. One of them is Prep Hockey which provides a unique preparation for college life. It is also an excellent option for European players who decide at a relatively young age to pursue their dream of becoming a professional hockey player by combining athletics with academics. [continue reading…]

Family Advisors: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You


Following up on my last week’s blog. Here’s an excellent article by David Bradley Olsen, Litigation Attorney, published back in 2011 but still relevant.

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Teen-aged hockey players on the NHL’s radar or NCAA Division I recruiting lists, and older players in college who are looking forward to professional careers need no introduction to the “family advisor.” [continue reading…]