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NCAA – Roadmap for European Junior Ice Hockey players

There areNCAA_IceHockey_logo basically two tracks available for talented European ice hockey players who want to pursue their careers in the U.S., combining their goal of becoming a professional athlete with obtaining a College degree. To better understand the paths, one needs to have an understanding of the U.S. Educational system which is slightly different from the European models. [continue reading…]

DiCuria announces partnership with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)

bgjjgiciWe are excited to work with Sport-Tests (Switzerland)! This allows us to give coaches additional valuable information about our clients. [continue reading…]

US Junior Ice Hockey – Leagues

In a previous post I compared Swiss Junior Hockey with the USA Hockey Junior model  {Junior Hockey: Comparison USA – Switzerland}. The US Junior Hockey system is hard to understand for a European. I see this in the dazzled looks every time I try to explain the various Tier’s, and Leagues in the Tier III, and the emails I receive on the subject.  Here’s an attempt to explain the US Junior Hockey system, mostly based on a recent article by Alex Kyrias, Director Communications and Sales, NAHL (Junior Hockey: make the smart and informed decision) [continue reading…]

Does Birth Month Affect Success in Hockey?


The debate about whether being born in the first few months of the calendar year poses a significant advantage for a hockey player over being born in the latter months of the year isn’t new. The argument that a player born in January of a particular calendar year will have a distinct developmental advantage over a player born in December of the same year isn’t even really something that can be debated; at least not in the “on average” sense, and especially not in the early years of physical development. The fact is kids born in January are typically bigger, stronger and more advanced than kids born in December of the same birth year, during the early years of development. [continue reading…]

Is the size-factor in NHL-drafts overrated?

While I’m a strong believer in the advantage of having size and strength as a hockey-player I start to realise that the size-factor might be a bit overrated nowadays.

Zdeno Chara, the tallest NHL-player with 6.09

Zdeno Chara, the tallest NHL-player with 6’9″

No question: A skilled, fast, mobile, big and strong player is better than a skilled, fast mobile, small player. But although the rule-changes a couple of years ago worked basically a bit in the favor of skilled and quick players there are still heavy doubts about smallish, skinny players. No matter how skilled they are. [continue reading…]

Prep Hockey a Path to the NCAA

Prep Game Lake Forest Academy

Prep Game Lake Forest Academy

There are many paths to college hockey. One of them is Prep Hockey which provides a unique preparation for college life. It is also an excellent option for European players who decide at a relatively young age to pursue their dream of becoming a professional hockey player by combining athletics with academics. [continue reading…]